Open Access Scottish Law Reports

For some years the Scottish Council of Law Reporting has provided the law-teaching universities in Scotland with a CD-ROM containing cases selected from the Session Cases® archive to distribute as a learning aid to their students. Technologies change, and the Council is pleased to provide a database of Scottish cases selected from their archive as an open access resource.

In association with Justis

Please note that the material reproduced here is not the full report from Session Cases® but reproduces only the Case Name, citation, court, judges, and the opinion. The cases, specially elected by leading academics, cover the period from 1873 to 2010 and the full range of legal subjects. It is the Council’s intention to expand this selection by adding new cases each year. We will welcome suggestions for other cases to be added to this free on-line resource.

To make the archive more useful, the council has teamed up with Justis to run the archive using their award-winning search engine and interface.

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e.g. 1989 AC 177; newspaper NOT times;
"fair and reasonable"; 2004 child*
(valid reference formats)


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