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Session Cases


The Scottish Council of Law Reporting’s major publication is its law report series, Session Cases.

The Session Cases law report series contains all the key appellate decisions, civil and criminal, from the Court of Session and High Court of Justiciary in Scotland together with selected cases decided at first instance.

Also included in Session Cases are all decisions, as issued, on Scottish appeals to the House of Lords and to the Privy Council. All judgments are reported in full.

The judges who gave opinions (judgments) in each case have the opportunity to review the report before it is published – this gives Session Cases its unsurpassed authority in Scottish courts.

A distinguishing feature of Session Cases is that its reports are written and edited by lawyers with rights of audience in the Courts whose cases are reported in the series.

Session Cases take precedence over all other law report series in Scotland.

All cases are reported under headnotes and rubrics, providing the user with an easily absorbed guide to the subjects, the facts and the grounds for the decision.

A useful feature is the summary of the arguments presented to the court.


Session Cases Hard Copy

You can place an annual subscription to Session Cases®.

To place a new subscription to Session Cases® or for any enquiries about
your subscription, please contact

The Scottish Council of Law Reporting (Session Cases)
c/o Subscriptions Dept, Marston Book Services
160 Eastern Avenue
Milton Park
OX14 4SB

Telephone +44 (0)1235 465574
Fax +44 (0)1235 465556

Please note that the 2020 subscription rates are: Full Rate: £315 per annum (US$310 for international subscribers);

Reduced Rate for academic subscribers: £210 per annum

Annual Bound volume only: Customers may also place a standing order for the annual bound volume only to be sent on publication (this service does not include supply of the paper parts through the year) at a price of £115 plus despatch and packing (calculated according to destination and type of postal despatch).

Back bound volumes from 2010 are available. Prices on application to Marston Book Services.

Session Cases Online

The Scottish Council of Law Reporting has been able to create an archive of all the Session Cases reports back to 1821. This archive has now been licensed to a number of online publishers.

Session Cases are available from Justis. For details please refer to their pages at



Session Cases from 1821 have been licensed to Thomson Reuters and are now included in Westlaw. For further information see Westlaw.

Session Cases from 1821 have been licensed to LexisNexis and are included in LexisLibrary. For further information please see LexisNexis uk

Reporting team

Editor: Emma C Toner LLB, Advocate

Deputy Editor: Timothy Young, LLB, Advocate


David Adams LLB (Gla), Advocate

Megan Dewart LLB (Edin), Advocate

Craig Findlater LLB (Aberdeen), Advocate

Jacqueline Fordyce LLB (Edin), LLM (Strathclyde), Advocate

Roddy MacLeod LLB (Gla), Advocate

Mark Mohammed, LLB (Aberdeen), Advocate

Giles Reid, MPhil (Cantab.), LLB (Edin), Advocate

Dominic Scullion, LLB (Aberdeen), Advocate

Alexander Sutherland, MA (Edin), LLB (Gla), Advocate

Neale Tosh LLB (Aberdeen), ACIArb, Advocate