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Sports Law

Court of Arbitration for Sport

The Court of Arbitration for Sport is the ultimate appeal body for many sports and their respective governing bodies. Their website lists recent cases (mostly football related) and has a useful database of past decisions. Explains the role and processes of the Court and provide access to a host of useful related documents.

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LawInSport describes itself as a "sports law knowledge hub and global community". Whether you are a member or not, the website is a great one stop shop for all things related to sports law. The blog / news section alone is very frequently updated with good quality articles on a wide range of topics from fraud to salary caps to doping. Aspiring sports lawyers will find the jobs board and events pages particularly useful.

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Sports Law Bulletin

Detailed yet readable legal articles on sports law by barristers from Blackstone Chambers. New content added regularly (but not frequently).

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Women in Sports Law

An international organisation aimed at promoting women in the sports law sector. The website has more information on the organisation than on sports law itself, and the "Women Talk Sports Law" page could do with being updated more frequently. Nonetheless, a helpful website for those interested in joining, or just finding out more. The members' directory looks like a useful resource, although at the last time of checking, there were no listed members in Scotland.

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International Sports Law Blog

Featured here as a home grown sports law blog covering a wide range of sports and topics from a genuinely international perspective, written by general counsel to an SPFL top flight team. Sadly, no new posts have been added since 2019.

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Sports Law in the UK

This is a link to an article which features as part of the Lexology website. Would serve as a useful (if lengthy) introduction to the area, and covers several aspects including immigration, taxation and employment law issues. Two words of caution: the article was written in 2019, and has no separate treatment of the legal position in Scotland.

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