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Personal injury

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Association of Personal Injury Lawyers

A very useful site which has a wealth of resources for practitioners, together with useful information for the public as well. The blogs are worth a read, and the “Urban Myths” page may even raise a smile or two!

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Association of Child Abuse Lawyers

May be of some interest to those involved in this area. The legal news section is very infrequently update, and the main legal resources only available to those with membership of the Association.

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Health and Safety Executive

A staple for all sorts of free official information for the public and the specialist with a lengthy links section and downloadable guidance and Codes.

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Excellent generalist medical site and a decent starting point for research on particular conditions, symptoms etc. Although something of a risk for hypochondriacs, the front page articles are also good – and might even make you healthier! 

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Grays Human Anatomy

The whole 1918 edition text complete with illustrations (and intrusively prominent ads), free.

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This site provides an alternative to using paper directories or just asking around when looking for expert witnesses. The site is run by the Law Society of Scotland.

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Brain Injury Association

This is a very useable site suitable for lawyers and others containing practical information on these types of claims.

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Ogden Tables

The complete set of tables from the Governments Actuary’s Department. This includes the 7th edition (supplementary table), published in 2017.

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Really useful collection of instant and simple online calculators for interest, inflation, net wages, age, retirement etc. calculations. Useful in areas apart from PI. Free trial period available.

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