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Information law

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Campaign for Freedom of Information in Scotland

The site of the Campaign for Freedom of Information in Scotland full of useful material on the Scottish Act and its operation. Continues to be kept up to date with campaigning news. Also contains details of the Scottish Public Information Forum.

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European Data Protection Board

Even post-Brexit, EU law forms much of the legislative basis for UK data protection law. The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) is an independent body, aiming for the consistent application of data protection rules throughout the European Union, and cooperation between the EU’s data protection authorities. 

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A one-stop portal that describes best practices, consolidates lessons learned, explains campaign strategies and tactics, and links the efforts of freedom of information advocates around the world.

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Information Commissioner's Office

News, information, guidance and publications about and by the UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) regarding data protection, freedom of information, and the privacy and electronic communications regulations.

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Scottish Information Commissioner

Excellent, clear and abundant site with great information about Freedom of Information, including all legislation, Scottish Information Commission decisions and guidance etc. This is, without doubt, the best website address of any public body in Scotland.

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