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Discrimination law

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Equality Advisory & Support Service

The national helpline and information service assisting people who have faced discrimination.  The advice and information online is a useful guide to the various parts of the Equality Act 2010. Other materials are available, including template letters for complaining about discrimination and details of the Service's success stories.

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Equality and Human Rights Commission

The most useful bits of this website are to be found under the “Our Legal Action” and "Legal Case Search" for details of cases the Commission has been involved in, and other enforcement action taken.  The site also has good explanations of the Equality Act 2010 and human rights law.  You can download the Commission's statutory and non-statutory guidance and codes in various formats and languages.  

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Gender Pay Gap Service

Employers with 250 or more employees now have to report and publish gender pay gap information.  You can report this information online here, and also check up on individual companies or see the gender pay gap statistics across the board.  There is useful guidance on reporting on the gender pay gap, and (more importantly) on actions to close the gap.

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GOV.UK - Guidance for Employers

A well written, plain language guide for employers on how to prevent discrimination in the workplace. Not a bad starting point for any student of equality law.

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Scottish Government Equality Pages

Although equality is a reserved matter, the promotion of equal opportunities is a matter which is fair game for the Scottish Government. These pages contain links to a myriad of policy documentation in relation to various equality issues and protected characteristics. A very useful resource.

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