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Criminal law in Scotland

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Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service

Open and friendly designed site contains information about the criminal prosecution system in Scotland, victim support assistance, news, the text of various reports and management plans (under ”Publications”) and other bits and bobs.

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Scottish Prison Service

General information on the SPS, a factsheet, research material, the annual reports and a few other things.

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Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission

Very useful site explaining what the Commission does, links to cases it has been involved with, explanation of legal issues that have arisen and annual report.

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Police Scotland

Very attractive website for the new national police force. Nice features include the ability to download the local policing plans and priorities for each local area, and to report crime (or complain about the police) online. The new force are already prolific tweeters, and you can view the most recent from the site or follow @policescotland

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Victims' and Witnesses' Rights

Explains in fairly simply terms what witnesses can expect when reporting a crime or if called to give evidence in court. Includes information on protections available for vulnerable witnessses. Also contains information aimed at victims of crime explaining in basic terms how the criminal justice system works and the victim’s role in it.

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Witnesses in Scotland

A fabulous wee site which explains in fairly simply terms what witnesses can expect if called to give evidence in court. The site is split into three sections for criminal cases, civil cases and children's hearing court cases.

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Victim Support Scotland

This site explains the work of Victim Support and helps to put people in contact with their local branch. It also has a fairly extensive resource library online with relevant documents from Victim Support and other agencies to download.

Signposting for support and information is organised by the type of crime that a web user may have been affected by, including things like human trafficking, hate crimes, stalking, and forced marriage. Now includes information specifically for witnesses and young victims of crime.

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Public Defence Solicitors’ Office

Website of the Public Defence Solicitor's Office, which – albeit in fairly brief terms – explains who they are and how to find them. The explanations are well done, but there is little of any additional value on the site.

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Lockerbie bombing

The definitive blog on all things Lockerbie bombing by architect of the special trial arrangements and persistent commentator and critic still updated regularly.

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