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Caselaw (free)

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British and Irish Legal Information Institute

Comprehensive collection of modern British and Irish caselaw (in most courts) going back to around 1997. Excellent and updated search engine works very well. Includes a very comprehensive database of early (pre-1808) Scottish law reports gathered from Morison’s Dictionary and other sources; fully searchable and partially cross-hyperlinked.

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World Legal Information Institute

Huge collection of caselaw from around the world and lots of other materials and news; fully searchable and partially cross hyperlinked.

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Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales

New site for the ICLR now offers less information than before but still useful for free and good case summaries from 2009, searchable database of all cases reported in every ICLR series and list of Supreme Court leave application decisions.

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Scottish Council of Law Reporting

Indeed, a link to this very same site. A useful resource providing access, via Justis, to a selected database of Scottish cases provided as an open access resource.

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Scottish Court Service

The Scottish Court Service website includes a “Search Judgments” section which features a selection of Sheriff Court and High Court decisions, and most Court of Session opinions fairly quickly after they have been delivered. You can conduct a basic search for cases by keyword or by various categories and browse the 50 most recent cases. Advanced search options are available, but not obvious

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Supreme Court Decisions

Decisions of the highest court can be easily accessed and searched on this very convenient site.

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Cardiff University: legal abbreviations

Neat, simple award-winning site: search by title of journal or by abbreviation.

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