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Caselaw (free)

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British and Irish Legal Information Institute

Comprehensive collection of modern British and Irish caselaw (in most courts) going back to around 1996, plus some earlier leading cases in the core subjects covered by academic law courses. the user-friendly search engine works very well. Includes various other legal materials, including a collection of Scottish Law Commission reports.  Well worth bookmarking.

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Cardiff University: legal abbreviations

Neat, simple award-winning site: search by title of journal or by abbreviation.  Did you know that "SC" could also indicate a reference to the South Carolina Law Reports?

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Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales

The ICLR is the authorised publisher of the official series of The Law Reports for the Superior and Appellate Courts of England and Wales.  Its website contains some good reference material (including an excellent glossary) and case summaries from Weekly Law Reports (WLR).  The blog is worth a read, with the Weekly Note being particularly useful.  Access to the full library is on a (paid) subscription basis.

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Scottish Council of Law Reporting

A link to this very same site. A useful resource providing access, via Justis, Westlaw and LexisNexis, to Session Cases online.

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Scottish Court Service

The Scottish Court Service website includes a “Search Judgments” section which features High Court, Court of Session, Upper Tribunal and Sheriff Court decisions, including Fatal Accident Inquiries, Sheriff Appeal Court and All-Scotland Sheriff Personal Injury Court decisions. You can conduct a basic search for cases by keyword or by various categories and browse the 50 most recent cases. Advanced search options are available if you know the name or reference of the case, or the date of the decision.

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Supreme Court Decisions

Decisions of the highest court (and useful summaries of same) can be easily accessed and searched on this excellent site.  You can also watch live cases (and recordings of previous cases) online and download all the relevant rules, forms etc.  

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World Legal Information Institute

This is a not-for-profit service which collates databases of case law from all over the world (123 jurisdictions!) and also has a separate database of international legal decisions.  Looking for a decision by the Caribbean Court of Justice, or something from the UN reports of International Arbitral Awards (dating back to 1798)? This is the site for you.

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