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THIS is an Appeal against an Interlocutor to the Second Division of the Court of Session in Scotland, dated 13th November 1930, pronounced after Hearing before their Lordships in an action brought by Mrs. May M'Alister or Donoghue, formerly residing care of M'Alister, 49 Kent Street, off London Road, Glasgow, and now residing at 101 Maitland Street, Cowcaddens, Glasgow, the Appellant; against David Stevenson, Aerated-Water Manufacturer, 8 Glen Lane, Paisley, the Respondent; to recover damages for shock and sickness sustained by the Appellant in consequence of her drinking the contents of a bottle of ginger-beer, manufactured by the Respondent, which contained a snail in a state of decomposition. The action was raised in the Court of Session in Scotland.

The Closed Record in the said action, as amended by the pursuer, in the Court of Session is as follows:—

(As Amended)

(As Amended)
1. — SUMMONS. Summons
No. 1 of Pro.
GEORGE THE FIFTH, &c. — WHEREAS it is humbly meant and shewn to us by our lovite, Mrs MAY M'ALISTER or DONOGHUE, residing care of M'Alister, 49 Kent Street, of London Road, Glasgow, — Pursuer; against DAVID STEVENSON, Aerated-Water  

Appellant's Case Page 3