Scottish legislation


Full access to all Acts and Statutory Instruments of the Scottish Parliament at the legislation.gov.uk website.



The fairly comprehensive official website (or as it styles itself, the “Official Home”) of all public UK legislation including that made by the devolved legislatures containing complete text of primary and secondary legislation made by the legislatures. Amendments made to pre-2002 legislation is incorporated into the texts on the site but changes made to post-2002 legislation need to be checked using a tool provided. An RSS feed is available for newly published legislation. See www.opsi.gov.uk/chron-tables/chron-index for chronological tables of local, private and personal Acts, not available anywhere else.

Bills before the Scottish Parliament


Lists all current Bills before the Scottish Parliament with links to the text, explanatory notes and policy memoranda. For more detailed information of the progress of a Bill, see WHISP, the business bulletin and the reports of the Committees and the Parliament on that site.

Bills before the UK Parliament


Improved site with detailed reference to all UK Bills pending and recently passed. RSS feeds available.



Plain vanilla site hiding riches of Parliamentary debates from 2006 and searchable database of debates since 1803, and much more…

Welsh, Northern Irish and Irish legislation


Links to legislation for each of these areas are available here on the Bailii site.



Claims to provide the fastest and most comprehensive coverage of UK politics anywhere on the web with some free content and some paid-for content.